Staleys Competitve Eating J Webby
Staleys Competitive Eating
When I come back in a future life, I want to come back as a Chicagoan - they know how to eat !!!!
My trip to @staleyschicagoitaliandining turned into more than a feast, it was an education in Chicago Italian Dining where everything is beefy and mighty - just the way I like it.
I was served a double platter of all the @staleyschicagoitaliandining menu favourites including:
🔺Signature Italian Beef (sub)
🔺Meatball Sammich
🔺Chicago Dog
🔺Chilli Dog
🔺Pepperoni Puff
🔺Sausage Puff
🔺Italian Sausage Penne Pasta
🔺Fried Ravioli
🔺Plus sides of jalapeno poppers, crinkle cut fries, massive onion rings, cheese curds & mozzarella sticks
This feed was super dense and was definitely a challenge !! I managed to get the full @staleyschicagoitaliandining experience down in 25mins 47secs
Thanks for having me @staleyschicagoitaliandining - until we eat again ! 🌭🥪🍝🙌🏽😁❤️

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