Staley's Chicago Football Team 1920

the history

Before they were the Monsters of the Midway, Chicago’s pro team were known as the Decatur Staleys.

That’s right. In 1919, the Bears professional football team was founded and their name was the Decatur Staleys after A.E Staley, the owner of a manufacturing company.

After successful, winning seasons, the Staleys and the sport of football became immensely popular. But, Staley had another business to attend to in corn processing. Plus, the town of Decatur couldn’t possibly hold the potential this team had in terms of profitability.

Staley went to George Halas with a proposition to take over the team and they struck a deal in October 1921 for the Staleys to move to Chicago and play at Wrigley Field.
After the team’s first season at Wrigley, the team knew they needed to change their name. They decided to call themselves the Bears because they made the analogy that football players were larger than baseball players; hence, Bears are larger than Cubs.


Going into our second year of ownership of Campione's Taste of Chicago in Goodlettsville, the same revelation came to our family. It was time for a fresh start with a new name that would better represent who we are.

We are Chicago transplants living and raising a family in Hendersonville, TN. We love being part of the community and are super excited on what we have planned in the near future. Our goal is to create a world-class experience true to our Chicago background and to be part of the community we now live in. Recommendation for enhancing a dish? Share the recipe and we’ll cook it up. Didn't love our scratch recipe? Let us know and we'll find something you'll love. Your kid needs a job? We're hiring.

This isn't about being original or granny cooking in the kitchen. This is about good food, at good prices among family, friends and new acquaintances.

Welcome to Staleys!

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